Common Sense

  • Where is your common sense America?

    A look at some common sense solutions for a faltering country


    I have been thinking on this for a while, what has happened to America’s common sense??

    Anyone? Anyone?


    It seems to me that in all of the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life, as children are left in day care and sent off to the indoctrination centers we call schools, many important lessons of life are not being passed along. Fortunately I had some very good teachers in school and people in my life everyday that taught me the values of common sense.

    Common sense is taught, not automatic. Whether by falling out of a tree to figure out maybe that isn’t a good idea or being shown how to saw a 2x4.


    Okay let get into some of my common sense thoughts on various subjects.



    Government makes the top of my list as I am sure it makes the top of many others list, but how do we fix it. Not a simple solution, however it is attainable.

    Usurper in Chief: Barak Obama, Barry Sotero or whatever he wants to call himself. This is not difficult to understand, but it will be the most difficult to implement. He is simply in my opinion not eligible to be president. His over reaching use of executive actions and his Affordable Heath Care Act alone should be enough to pitch him out on his ass. Not to mention putting people in key positions from the Muslim Brotherhood, his communist ties, etc, etc… This certainly is no way for a president to act or govern. Enough on that, What can we do?


    We can hope that America wakes up, the Brotherhood in Egypt lets loose with something that will incriminate him and force arrest by the world court and try him on war crimes against humanity.

    But here is the only way we will get him out of office. The 2014 Elections. We must get all factions of conservatives come together to save America. The Republican Party must keep the House and Win the Senate. Only then will impeachment be able to go through with enough votes to get him and Biden out of office.

    This is the single largest obstacle to regaining the America we have all grown to love.


    Until we can make that happen, there are several things we will need to do. First is to not fund Obamacare. Hopefully that will buy us some time. We do this by massive letter, email, fax or phone campaigns.


    We must using the same type of campaigns for similar subjects such as the NSA Spying, DHS Buildup, Gun Control, DOJ, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Monsanto, etc, to disrupt the process in Washington.


    The object is to tie the legislative hands of government. See common sense. If they are busy dealing with that, the Democrats will be too busy to push through more laws infringing on our god given rights.


    Coming Next: What else can we do…


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