the waste land of politics

  • In this the waste land of modern politics, the political powers to be are at it again, two youths beat a world war II vet, and killed him, this is the latest thing next in the cherry picking saga of modern government, unlike the Trayvon Martin case, Al Sharpton played the race card along with president Obama, since then we have seen a child jumped and beaten on a school bus, this WWII vet. killed waiting to go shoot a game of pool and yet the powers to be are silent, this my friends should be unacceptable, they should be trying to put an end to rasism in America not rekindling the fires. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both walked with Dr. King to put an end to this and yet al is the first one stoke the fires, with all the problems we have in this country, this is one thing that should be dead and buried, however its just another thing to us busy while congress and the President continue to break the law, my friends this country is a republic, and the laws are to be enforced with just pentalties, but the current Government has cherry picked what laws they wish to follow and which ones they pay no attention to.

    The United States pays out over 30 billion dollars a year in foreign aide, we spend another 160 billion dollars a year in military spending, hundreds of new tax laws are add to the tax code to protect the wealthy and top 1%, as an example microsoft made around 19.9 billion dollars in profit last year, and got out of paying 2.4 billiond dollars in taxes, now you tell me, who is protecting who?

    then we come back to where I started, of all the things happening right now, one would think that racism, in any form; wouldn't be acceptable on any level.


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