Welcome to the Conservative Junction Social Network.

  • Welcome to the Conservative Junction Social Network.  This network was built with you the Conservative in mind.  This Social Network is for like-minded individuals who are concerned about the direction that our leaders are trying to take our nation and thus ours and our children's futures.  By working together to change our leaders who currently hold office to those who share the same Conservative and principled values that we do, we can affect a lasting change on the problems that we confront daily.  Problems such as wasteful spending by our government, an ever increasing tax burden, high unemployment, doing more for our enemies than we do for our allies, attacking our religious beliefs and faith...religious beliefs that don't include acceptance of homosexuality and abortion.  

    Conservatives are not necessarily trying to force our religious beliefs on anyone else, but we will not be made to have them forced upon us by making us pay for abortions and homosexuality through our taxes or in any other form.  We have let them beat back our principles long enough.  We have allowed our detractors to take over the country and turn it into something that "We the People" are against and we are not going to take it anymore.  So if you share the ideals that are written here...you've come to the right place and we welcome you.  If you should have any questions regarding furthering our cause, the operation of this Social Network or how a feature on the site works...please post your question on the News-feed or send a message to CJ Admin's Timeline and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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