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iPhone X racism row; Face ID fails to distinguish between Chinese users…

Apple has been accused of racism, amid reports that the Face ID authentication technology on its new iPhone X is failing to distinguish between Chinese users.

A man from Shanghai bought his wife the new gadget soon after it was released last month, but she was shocked to discover it could be unlocked by her teenage son.

The man, identified only by his surname Liu, phoned Apple’s customer service hotline to report the problem.

“Our son was using it and didn’t know the password”, he said, according to Shandong TV Station .

He was told it was an isolated case and was due to the fact his wife and son look very similar. However, Apple has reportedly launched an investigation into the Liu family’s claims.

This is not the first reported incident of Chinese users being able to unlock each other’s iPhone Xs.

Last week, AsiaOne reported that a woman from Nanjing discovered her colleague was able to unlock her phone using Face ID.

When Madam Yan first called Apple’s hotline to complain about the problem, the customer service representative told her it was “impossible”.

However, when pair took the phone to the store to prove what had happened, they found they could unlock all the phones in the store.

“We look quite ordinary. What if someone picks up my phone and opens it?” said Madam Yan’s colleague, Madam Wan.

“Then they could buy stuff through my phone and make payments. We don’t have any sense of security.”

Apple claims the probability that a random person in the population could look at your iPhone X and unlock it using Face ID is approximately one in a million. However, there are some caveats.

If you have a twin or a sibling who looks very similar to you, the probability of a false match is higher.

It is also higher for children under the age of 13, because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed, according to Apple.

The company claims to have worked with people all over the world to ensure the product accessible to people of different ethnicities.

“We worked with participants from around the world to include a representative group of people accounting for gender, age, ethnicity, and other factors,” said Cynthia Hogan , Apple’s vice president of public policy for the Americas, in October.

“We augmented the studies as needed to provide a high degree of accuracy for a diverse range of users.”

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University Considers 'Whistling' Sex Harassment…

At Tennessee State, ‘whistling in a suggestive manner’ may lead to expulsion

Tennessee State University warns against “whistling in a suggestive manner” on the grounds that it may constitute sexual harassment, a policy that has helped earn it a “red light” rating from one of the nation’s premier college watchdog groups.

The public university in Nashville currently holds a “red light” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for several of its policies that effectively allow officials to punish various forms of free speech as harassment.

Among them, the public university’s discrimination and harassment policy warns employees and students that “whistling in a suggestive manner” could get them sanctioned — including being expelled or fired — if officials deem the tune sexual harassment.

Other examples of possible sexual harassment listed under the policy include “suggestive or insulting sounds,” “suggestive or obscene gestures,” “unnecessary touching or brushing against the body,” jokes about sex inside and outside the classroom and more.

In sum, there are at least 20 different ways students and employees can be found guilty of sexual harassment, according to the policy. Campus officials state they will consider the “totality of the circumstances” before deeming whether an act is sexual harassment.

The College Fix reached out multiple times to the school’s media relations department for comment and clarification on the policies. No representatives from the school responded.

Multiple attempts were also made to speak to the university’s Title IX coordinator to ask whether suggestive whistling was a significant problem on campus. These requests were also ignored.

FIRE’s vice president of policy research Samantha Harris told The College Fix in a telephone interview that one problem with the policy is its vagueness.

“Very broad categories of speech are banned as harassment, simply because someone might find them suggestively offensive, and that’s something that courts have repeatedly held violates the first amendment,” Harris said.

In addition to the university’s ban on suggestive whistling, Harris criticized the policy’s prohibitions on jokes, humor and “inappropriate communication.”

“That could really be applied against core political speech, and speech and humor on social and political issues, and really just used to suppress unpopular speech,” she said.

Harris also pointed out the university’s policies regarding dissent and protest. The relevant policy reads in part: “Group dissent taking the form of demonstrations, marching, or sit-in activities will not be permitted inside university buildings or during university-wide events such as athletic contests, convocations, special lectures, assemblies… .”

“By banning any kind of demonstration during ‘university-wide events’ you’re really restricting students’ rights to protest and get their message across,” Harris said.

The same assembly policy also requires that “dissent” be registered with the vice president of student affairs, who will “ensure that the event is held at an acceptable time and appropriate site.” Harris said that this constitutes a “prior restraint on speech.”

FIRE rates schools’ speech policies on a green-yellow-red light scale, where red indicates the school has “at least one policy that clearly and substantially restricts speech.” Both the discrimination and harassment guidelines, and protest and demonstration policies at Tennessee State, have been given red light designations by the organization.

Campus free speech issues have been in the news frequently over the past few years, and sexual harassment has often been at the center.

Northwestern professor Laura Kipnis was recently forced to fend off a Title IX investigation in response to an essay she wrote about sexual paranoia on campus.

And J. Martin Rochester, a professor at the University of MIssouri-St. Louis was subject to a Title IX investigation for having vehement disagreements with female coworkers.

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Why do Democrats want people to be victims?

Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock was a millionaire accountant who had worked at Lockheed Martin and according to an unverified copy of his voter’s registration…he was Democrat. He owned guns that most people can’t afford. He owned machine gun type weapons and it was his 2nd Amendment right to own them.

My beef is that Liberals don’t want law abiding citizens to own a gun they can afford. Restrictive gun laws didn’t stop Paddock, they just stop the average citizen.
Although most of the black people on Chicago’s east side are Democrats, I don’t think there are too many millionaires there where crime has skyrocketed and propelled Chicago to one of the nation’s most deadly cities…with the most restrictions on owning a gun.
Criminals of any race can and will get guns no matter what laws Democrats put in place. Only law abiding people follow laws…and that leaves them vulnerable to becoming victims. Why do Democrats want middle-class people to be victims?
Millionaires and billionaires can buy any kind of gun they want and slaughter whoever they want, wherever they want it seems. An average citizen who’s a Democrat or a Republican can at least have a chance with a cheap .38 special.

They can protect themselves and their families. When it’s time to try to protect you and your family, something is better than nothing…isn’t it? Having nothing at a time when you need something, will probably get you killed. Someone please tell me why Democrats hate black people and the middle-class?

Why I voted for Donald J. Trump

Prior to my late conversion about a month before the election, you couldn’t find too many people who did not want Trump to be our Republican nominee more than me. I still have the memes in my downloads to prove it. Then one day I had an epiphany. My guy Cruz was out. We were left with four choices.

Trump, Hillary, someone else or don’t vote. I couldn’t ‘not vote’. So that left Trump, Hillary or someone else. “God, what am I supposed to do?”, I asked. Then I asked myself, “What if Obama had not beeupside-down-marinen elected in 2008 or again in 2012?”

Would our economy be better? Would some of the people burned alive in cages or beheaded be alive today? Would Kate Steinle and some of the other people needlessly killed be alive had those illegals not been here but in Mexico instead?

Would the police officers who’ve been killed by the BLM narrative be at home with their families today? It’s something we’ll never know. The survivors of these victims will never know either…because Obama did win in 2008 and again in 2012.

Those wins set in motion the things we’re seeing today…so it wasn’t just “a vote”. No, it was much more than that. It was a matter of real people and the aftermath of decisions people made on those election days in 2008 and 2012.

On November 8, 2016, my vote would affect the outcome of people’s lives around the world in ways I can only imagine. So God, my principles chose life and a better future for anyone who in that future would have found themselves living or about to be killed under the long lasting affects of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

My personal principles regarding Trump’s sometimes offensive behavior had to take a back seat to some principles that I felt were much more important than the here and now.

We Press On

Decency and goodness hasn’t had a win in many years.  Instead, hatred and evilness has prevailed.  A certain darkness has settled over and occupied the land.  Where there was once a feeling of hopefulness and another opportunity; it has been replaced by fear and anxiety of what our future holds. 
But still, wdecencye press on.  We lost our battle with Democrats in 2008 and 2012.  We lost our battle against Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, Lois Lerner and the IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Hillary’s emailgate and well…everything.  In each case evil won and people have needlessly suffered and or died. 
Christians and many innocents have died at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, Veterans have died because of the corruption at the Veterans Administration, hundreds of thousands of babies have been killed by abortion and most recently, cops have been killed due to racial hatred and strife. 
We haven’t been able to shake it.  We haven’t been able to right the ship for many, many years now.  Evil has permeated every corner of our existence.  Good people are dying while those who aren’t redeemable seem to have protection from the devil himself.  We move on. 
We continue to move through this hell we’ve faced because sitting down in hell is not an option for the righteous.  There is another side where brighter days await and God will have his glory and final say.  Nothing lasts forever…not even darkness and evil.  A return to decency and goodness is right around the corner.  Of this, I am sure.
honest journalism

Politicians Lie. Major Media Helps them. Dig for Truth.

In 2016, race is a false flag.  Race is a dog-whistle used by Democrats running for office and who need Black voters to turn out and vote Democrat again.  Race is not even about economics so much anymore.  Barack Obama had eight years to create a better economy not just for Blacks but for everyone but he and the Democrats didn’t want to. 
They wanted to force Obamacare on everyone and it doesn’t work.  They wanted to push gay marriage, ban flags and monuments anhonest journalismd continue to dumb down our populace in public schools teaching a Common Core curriculum.  A curriculum that lies about our history, promotes other nations and complains about how awful ours is. 
Obama and Democrats have opened the prisons and released thousands of felons.  Obama and Democrats have refused to secure our borders and let illegals pour in from all over the world.  Obama and Democrats have released terrorists from Guantanamo who have gone back and joined the fight with ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorists organizations. 
Obama and Democrats have used police shootings (most of them justified) to have the full force of the US Justice Department come down on some small police department and force them to comply with federal laws instead of state and local laws.  Obama said from the beginning that he wanted a national police force.  This is how he set about nationalizing community police departments…by turning a tragedy into an excuse for a government takeover. 
And it’s not just Democrats.  It’s weak and feckless Republicans as well.  When Harry Reid was Senate majority leader, he implemented the ‘nuclear option’ that prevented Republicans from filibustering a bad law.  Republican, Mitch McConnell has been the Senate Majority leader now since 2014.  He could have used the nuclear option to repeal some of these bad laws.  He didn’t. 
Republicans have grown used to hiding in the shadows and doing their dirt in the dark without scrutiny from their working constituents back home.  Until 2008, most of this Conservative constituency voted and then went on with their lives.  When CNN or another liberal media outlet said something bad about a Republican, we being the decent people we are would fire them. 
Over the years, they learned to keep their mouths shut, the money flowing and the good times rolling…for themselves.  Even after 2008 when we woke up and started screaming, they ignored us.  Like a dumbed-down liberal population voted for Barack Obama, a dumbed-down republican populace has made Donald Trump our nominee because they believe him even though a simple Google search will tell anyone who looks all they need to know about Trump. 
There are no simple solutions to what will ‘fix’ our nation other than for people to swim against a powerful tide and become determined to dig in and make themselves smarter and more committed to change.  Real change isn’t going to come from one person at the top.  Real change will only happen when we’re smart enough and committed enough to be smart enough to vote for the right people and then hold them accountable.  Honestly, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Boobs and Asses

Watching the news these days is like watching a boobs and booty twerking contest.  Fox News is shaking and twerking their boobs atwerkingnd asses for Trump and every other network is shaking and twerking their boobs and asses for Hillary. 
The liberal left has a lot more boobs and asses reporters shaking and twerking to look at.  With more asses and boobs twerking on the tv stage…the boobs and asses who are judging the contest are going to go with Hillary. 
Conservatives wanted contestants wearing clothes and with people we could take home to meet our family.  Everyone else wanted to see a twerking contest between Fox News and all the boobs and asses on the liberal left.

Numbers don’t lie


I’m writing this for Black Americans but they’re not the only people it applies to.  It also applies to anyone that is still voting for Democrats.      You’re voting for them out of habit or heritage.  You probably grew up being a Democrat (heritage) and it’s become a habit, not something that you consciously do. 

The first part of my life, I was a Democrat.  My grandparents were Democrats and I don’t know if my great grandparents were even allowed to vote at the time.  My first vote at the age of 18 was for a Democrat…Jimmy Carter.  Then I grew up. 
I didn’t all of a sudden think I was ‘better than everyone else’ in my family.  I just learned more about the truth.  Some of the truth was thrust on me while attending business school.  No, I didn’t have a professor try to talk me out of being a Democrat…but the numbers I learned in school weren’t adding up to Jimmy Carter’s claims of what he would be able to do. 
Numbers don’t lie and they leave no room for emotions about what my grandparents used to do.  When it comes to the economy…tax and spend doesn’t work.  It doesn’t drive the economy.  It does the opposite.  It shrinks it.  Increasing regulations on business doesn’t improve the economy, it kills the incentive of business owners to expand and hire.  The numbers don’t lie…Democrats do. 
There are a million and one other things I’ve learned about Democrats over the last 36 years and none of it is good.  Don’t take my word for it, look at your life.  Look at your community, look at your state government and then look at the world at large when Democrats are in power.  Nothing ever works as it should and you’re never better off like they promise you will be. Your grandparents and parents were no longer responsible for your life when you became an adult.