Our Sunday Political Editor Edward Malnick also told us his most memorable general election moment.

He said: “Theresa May’s insistence that “nothing has changed” after a significant U-turn on her social care policy was both a defining moment of the 2017 general election campaign and of Mrs May’s premiership.

“Mrs May was announcing that the Conservatives would introduce an “absolute limit” on the amount people would have to pay for their care. The move came after Labour launched a sustained attack on the Tories’ manifesto pledge to charge anyone with assets worth more than £100,000, for their care.

“The manifesto had made no mention of a limit to those costs, which Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, had days earlier explained was a deliberate move.

“Faced with questions about the U-turn, Mrs May snapped at The Telegraph’s Christopher Hope: “Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed.”

“Yet it was clear that the policy had changed, and that moment became embedded in the minds of Mrs May’s detractors. Jacob Rees-Mogg, a key rebel against her Brexit plan, later said Mrs May’s insistence that the deal met her “red lines” for the negotiations, was reminiscent of that “nothing has changed” claim in 2017.”

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