On Wednesday evening, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos posted a video on his official Twitter account to tout about the success of his self-funded space exploration company, Blue Origin.

Dressed in a camo parka, cowboy hat and aviators, Bezos looked less like the richest man in the world (now worth $109 billion) and more like a Texas ranger.  The video shows him walking towards a reusable Blue Origin rocket called New Shepard, presumably at the company’s launch site in West Texas. “[T]his vehicle has now flown to space & back six times making this a new milestone,” Bezos tweeted.

While there were no humans on board on its most recent mission, the rocket did carry thousands of postcards that children had written as part of the “Space Mail” campaign from Club For The Future, a nonprofit funded by Blue Origin. The organization is open to students, parents and teachers, with a mission to give children affordable, frequent and reliable access to space in order to foster a future generation of space explorers. The postcards will be sent back to the children after their voyage to space —newly affixed with a Blue Origin stamp. Bezos is shown stamping a few of the postcards in the video. “Alright, that’s a success guys. That’s beautiful,” Bezos says in the video.

Eventually, Blue Origin hopes to carry humans to space in the reusable rocket. “This mission was another step towards verifying New Shepard for human spaceflight as we continue to mature the safety and reliability of the vehicle,” the company said in a statement.

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