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Terror returned to the streets of London on Friday as two members of the public were killed and several others injured in a knife attack.

Convicted terrorist Usman Khan, who carried out the deadly rampage, was shot dead by officers after civilians bravely intervened to tackle him on London Bridge.

Here’s how the attack unfolded:

Khan attends Fishmongers’ Hall

Khan, who was released from jail last December on licence, attends a conference on prisoner rehabilitation at Fishmongers’ Hall, just off London Bridge.

The event at the Grade II-listed building marked the five-year anniversary of a Cambridge University criminal justice initiative called Learning Together.

Around 100 guests – including former inmates, prison staff, academics and criminal justice campaigners – and 50 staff had reportedly attended.

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Who was the London Bridge attacker?

Attack is launched

Shortly before 2pm, the alumuni ceremony ended as Khan – armed with two knives and wearing a fake suicide vest – threatened to blow up the building, according to witnesses.

Several people found themselves directly in his path and some were stabbed as they attempted to fight him off.

An eyewitness named Coralie, who was working at the event, saw two or three people stabbed, some of whom were bleeding heavily, according to the Telegraph.

She said one of her colleagues was stabbed three times.

How the London Bridge terror attack unfolded

How the London Bridge attack unfolded

Kitchen worker fights back

Witnesses describe how a kitchen worker at Fishmongers’ Hall attempted to tackle Khan while being stabbed in the hand.

The man – named in reports as a Polish chef called Luckasz – is said to have run towards the attacker, who was threatening to detonate an apparent explosive strapped to his body.

A co-worker, who asked not to named, told the Times: “Luckasz grabbed a nearby pole and ran at him, getting stabbed in the hand in the process but continued to pin him down.

“Being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating. Luckasz is a hero.”

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All angles of the London Bridge terror attack

Members of the public intervene

As the knifeman left Fishmongers’ Hall and moved towards London Bridge, he was pursued by members of the public.

Footage posted online shows the man named as Luckasz brandishing a five-foot narwhal tusk – which he reportedly grabbed from the wall of Fishmongers’ Hall – to fight off Khan.

Another man uses a fire extinguisher to tackle him.

One of the heroes was armed with a narwhal whale tusk
A member of the public who tackled Khan was armed with a whale tusk

Several other members of the public – including an off-duty plain-clothed police officer – grapple with the attacker as they attempt to drag him to the ground and stop the attack.

Armed officers arrive at the scene as civilians are pulled away from Khan one by one.

One bystander is seen removing a large knife believed to have been used by the attacker.

Three officers surround the man on the ground, pointing their weapons at him, when a single gunshot is fired – followed by a second.

This picture of the alleged attacker appears to show the hoax explosive device

Moment attacker pinned down and shot

Police response

The Metropolitan Police say they were called to reports of a stabbing at premises near London Bridge at 1.58pm and the incident was initially being treated “as though it is terrorist-related”.

The force says a number of people were stabbed and a man was shot by police, while the London Ambulance Service declare “a major incident”.

Top counter-terror officer Neil Basu later confirms the suspect was shot by armed officers and died at the scene.

The Met Police assistant commissioner has confirmed the alleged attacker who was shot on London Bridge has died.

Counter-terror officer: Attacker killed by armed police

Mr Basu reveals the suspect was wearing a “hoax explosive device” and confirms the attack has been declared a “terrorist incident”.

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick later confirms two members of the public were killed in the attack – a man and a woman – and three other people were injured.

She says officers confronted the suspect five minutes after the force received a call about the attack.

The Met Police later name the attacker as 28-year-old convicted terrorist Usman Khan, who had been living in the Staffordshire area, and say they are not actively seeking anyone else over the attack.

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