The Ohmni robot developed by Silicon Valley’s OhmniLabs will walk the
catwalk for the first time at London Fashion Week in partnership with House
of icons and Los Angeles-based designer, Honee.

The robot will take to the catwalk wearing a one-of-a-kind creations
from Honee during London Fashion Week this September as part of the House
of iKons event, which is focused on launching emerging and innovative

The aim of the collaboration is to “marry fashion, culture and
technology into one harmonious balance”, and while Honee is keeping her
design under wraps until the big event, she did share in a press statement
that her vision is for people to see Ohmni and robots as a part of their
everyday lives with a focus on the present rather than the future, with a
play on the word “telepresence”.

Honee said in a press release: “My show this September is named ‘ÁI’, in
reference to Artificial Intelligence and also the play on the Vietnamese
word ÁI for love and the Chinese phonetic AI for love as well. We’re in the
world of AI and loving it.

“I use fashion as the language to express the skins we are in. In my
upcoming show, it’s not about the future of robots, of a world unknown, but
of the presence, the Now. And OhmniLabs is ushering in the world of Now
with their telepresence robots. I’m honoured and super excited to be a part
of the OhmniLabs journey.”

OhmniLabs was co-founded in 2015 by Jared Go, Tingxi Tan and serial
entrepreneur Thuc Vu, robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon and Stanford
who believe that personal consumer robots can make a positive impact on
people’s everyday lives.

The Ohmni robots will make their London Fashion Week debut alongside
human models at the Millennium Gloucester London Hotel as part of Honee’s
showcase on September 15 and 16.

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