Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock was a millionaire accountant who had worked at Lockheed Martin and according to an unverified copy of his voter’s registration…he was Democrat. He owned guns that most people can’t afford. He owned machine gun type weapons and it was his 2nd Amendment right to own them.

My beef is that Liberals don’t want law abiding citizens to own a gun they can afford. Restrictive gun laws didn’t stop Paddock, they just stop the average citizen.
Although most of the black people on Chicago’s east side are Democrats, I don’t think there are too many millionaires there where crime has skyrocketed and propelled Chicago to one of the nation’s most deadly cities…with the most restrictions on owning a gun.
Criminals of any race can and will get guns no matter what laws Democrats put in place. Only law abiding people follow laws…and that leaves them vulnerable to becoming victims. Why do Democrats want middle-class people to be victims?
Millionaires and billionaires can buy any kind of gun they want and slaughter whoever they want, wherever they want it seems. An average citizen who’s a Democrat or a Republican can at least have a chance with a cheap .38 special.

They can protect themselves and their families. When it’s time to try to protect you and your family, something is better than nothing…isn’t it? Having nothing at a time when you need something, will probably get you killed. Someone please tell me why Democrats hate black people and the middle-class?

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