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Bush speechwriter Bill McGurn said President Trump is not using the best resource he has available to him to get his message out.

McGurn said a president’s bully pulpit – the ability to hold public speeches and events to push his agenda – is not being used to its fullest.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, McGurn said President Reagan was able to pass his tax cut plan in 1981 by “schmoozing” critics and oversaw a Democratic House pass real reform.

“It’s probably too late now for health care,” McGurn said, “But it might have been a different story if President Trump used a televised, White House address to explain the Republican goal.”

He said that if Trump pointed out Republicans’ plan to allegedly “cut” Medicaid was “classic swampspeak” instead of an actual detrimental action toward a program many people count on, he could have spurred more debate.

McGurn said Trump also missed the opportunity to showcase several incidents related to ObamaCare that the American people would take issue with.

He wrote specifically about ‘architect’ Prof. Jonathan Gruber’s assertion ObamaCare was passed because of the “stupidity of the American voter” and “a lack of transparency.”

“It’s one of the greatest tools,” he said on The Story. “It’s surprising to me it went unused.”

Watch more from “The Story” above.

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