Snapchat videos showing two small alligators being force-fed alcohol by several people are being investigated by Pennsylvania authorities after images of the torturous acts went viral.

The videos, sent to FOX29 on Monday, showed a man holding an alligator while forcing it to drink a bottle of alcohol. He is heard laughing while saying: “Do it for state!” 

Another video showed an alligator with a lit cigarette in its mouth while one of the men held it by its tail. One person event tweeted about the gator torture asking: “How are me and my friends not internet famous yet?”

SPCA in Philadelphia launched an animal abuse investigation to catch the perpetrators, FOX29 reported. 

“It happens too often. There are too many times we see this kind of cruelty,” Director of Humane Law Enforcement Nicole Wilson said.

Animal cruelty cases have been on the rise during the last few years because many photos and videos of incidents are being posted on social media, FOX29 reported. 

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