A video at a Florida resort shows a customer, who said he is a former police officer, punching a valet and knocking him to the ground during an apparent dispute over a parking charge.

The Tuesday night incident was captured, which resulted in the valet being hospitalized, on surveillance at the Fort Lauderdale resort.

According to NBC 6 in Miami, hotel guest John Kiernan is seen going up to valet Rudolph Rodriguez outside the Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort where the two speak briefly.

The video shows Kiernan suddenly punching Rodriguez in the face, knocking him to the ground. Kiernan bends over Rodriguez and puts one of the valet’s arms behind his back.

“He punched my face and I don’t remember nothing,” Rodriguez told NBC 6. “He punched me for no reason.”

Eventually, Kiernan walks away and a woman helps Rodriguez into a sitting position before the video ends.

Kiernan was upset over an $18 valet charge, Rodriguez said.

Kiernan told WTVJ that they argued over the parking charge for someone he was hosting at the hotel. He said Rodriguez was very disrespectful to him and his wife.

“I guess he finally got irritated and looked at me, and said, ‘You are going to fight me,'” Kiernan said.

Fort Lauderdale police responded but did not arrest Kiernan, who said he is a former cop. Kiernan has not been charged.

The hotel’s manager said Rodriguez’s injuries were serious enough that he had to be hospitalized.

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