That’s ‘Dumb Propaganda’: Tucker Battles NY Dem on Transgender Military Ban

Former UCLA professor Keith Fink, who taught a class on free speech opened up about his firing from the school, saying there is “no doubt” he would still have a job if his views were liberal.

Fink, who filed a formal complaint with his union pointed to the new Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, Kerri Johnson, whom he says has “great disdain for conservative views” as the driving force behind his ousting.

It was “preordained from the day she came in that the school was intent on getting rid of me,” he told “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

“Mr. Keith Fink’s teaching does not meet that standard of excellence,” the school said in a statement, which Fink called a “french farce.”

After the school slashed his class enrollment, students protested Fink’s treatment saying they were prevented from enrolling in his classes.

Fink, who is also an attorney was known at UCLA for defending students if the school tried to “steamroll” their rights. In the last couple of years he acted as an advisor in cases involving Title lX for students who had done “absolutely nothing” but whose futures were threatened by school disciplinary action.

Fink added that he is the most vocal conservative there, and could count the outwardly conservative professors on one hand.

The professor concluded saying that he is saddest because he loves teaching.

“There’s no amount of money that equals the joy I get out of steering someone in the right direction or teaching them a new thought or exposing them to a Bob Dylan song.”

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That’s ‘Dumb Propaganda’: Tucker Battles NY Dem on Transgender Military Ban

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