If you’ve ever taken an Uber, chances are you may have left something behind.

Now, in order to get it back, Uber will charge you $15.

As part of recent update to its terms of service, the company will let drivers charge a $15 fee if a rider has left their phone, purse or other item behind in the car.


For now, the policy only applies to Boston and Chicago riders. On its website, the company added that if you live in another city, “and would like to pay your driver for their time, you may do so by adding a tip to your trip within the app.”

Technology website Engadget reported that Uber will roll out the policy nationwide by the end of August.

Uber has come under pressure for underpaying its drivers and has worked to rectify that fact.

Los Angles Uber drivers sued the company claiming it calculated different fares for drivers and riders and pocketed the difference, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In May, it admitted it accidentally underpaid New York City drivers for nearly three years, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The error, which was the result of taking its commission before taxes as opposed to after taxes, could cost the company up to $45 million in refunds or an average of $900 per Uber driver.

After years of not offering the ability to tip drivers in-app, Uber announced in June it would offer the feature in the app.

Lyft, its main competitor in the U.S., has always allowed riders to tip inside the app.

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