What’s the secret to Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage? Lots of sex.

The former Playmate opened up to E! about how she and husband Hank Baskett are keeping their love life alive while living long-distance.

“We’re dealing with a long-distance relationship right now. We have to communicate a lot,” Wilkinson told E! News.

The mom-of-two temporarily moved to Las Vegas to star in the Off-Broadway show “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.” She flies back every week to see her husband and kids until the show ends January 2.

“To be honest with you, it was weak at first. It was really weak. I was starting to really miss home, he was starting to miss me. It was almost like a detox we were both going through because we’re so used to being together every minute of the day,” she admitted.

“Now we’re starting to find our way and get down a really good system to be a healthy couple,” she said.

To keep the flame alive, the married couple of eight years make sure to make sex a priority.

“The other day…Hank and I were getting into a little bit of a fight. And I knew I had to go — I had to catch my flight back. I’m like, ‘Hank, can we just have sex please?’ Like in the middle of a fight. I’m like,’ I just need it! As much as I want to fight with you right now, I think I need sex more.'”

She concluded, “Sex makes everything better.”

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