Tucker: Mueller Made Trump WH Lose Control of Its Fate

A former Navy Seal who as a child was told he would never walk again because of a degenerative hip disease said he rejected the victim mentality when he went on to serve his country.

“I developed a chip on my shoulder and I developed a victim’s mentality,” Patrick Bisher told “Fox & Friends.”

When he joined the Seal teams though, “that changed my thought process.”

“I became a warrior instead of a victim to my circumstances,” Bisher remembered. “I was able to serve others and serve this nation in the best way that I could.”

Later the soldier endured a parachute accident and required a hip replacement. Still he persevered, overcame his injury, and was later deployed to Iraq.

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The author of the book “No Surrender” even had a message to the kids who bullied him.

“Thank you,” he said. “Thank you for giving me to opportunity to find inner strength.”

“I just want everyone to know that they can have a place that they can go to, that they can belong to … you can persevere.”

Bisher received the Army’s commendation medal for his service.

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