A U.S. Army veteran spoke out after he was directed to take down an American flag while he tailgated outside an Atlanta Braves game. 

Adam Mourdock said an attendant in a parking lot outside SunTrust Park notified him that the large flag on his truck violated policy.

Navy Vet: ‘CA City Told Me to Take Down American Flag on D-Day’

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Mourdock said he was confused by the demand since he’s flown the flag without issue in the past. 

“I’m an Army veteran, I fought for the right for Americans to fly their flags, and for someone to tell you you can’t fly it at a baseball game, that’s not the right place,” he told CBS 46 in Atlanta.

The Braves later apologized to Mourdock, a season ticket holder who goes to many games with his wife and two children. The team said it does not have a policy against flags and the attendant was mistaken. 

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