A worldwide audience was watching in breathless suspense when a Los Angeles jury found American icon O.J. Simpson not guilty of murder in the Trial of the Century in 1995.

The verdict was just one of many moments in the Simpson saga that over the decades has become a cultural touchstone, captivating millions who have seen him on the gridiron, in the movies and TV commercials, in a low-speed police chase through Los Angeles and a lengthy reality-TV courtroom spectacle.

Now a new act is about to unfold as Simpson awaits a parole hearing in Las Vegas Thursday that could free him from prison.

Before that happens, here is a quiz to test your O.J. knowledge.

What does O.J. stand for?

Where did O.J. play college football?

Who did Hertz Rental Cars pair O.J. with in several TV commercials in the 1980s?

What was the name of the person O.J. was accused of killing in addition to his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson?

Who found the bodies?

To which city did O.J. fly just hours after the murders?

Who was O.J.’s chauffer during the low-speed police chase in the white Ford Bronco?

Who was the judge who presided over the O.J. trial?

Name the government witness who was O.J.’s houseguest

Prosecutors said a bloody footprint found at the murder scene came from what brand of shoe?

The trial was on TV for how many days?

What’s O.J.’s connection to the Kardashians?

Who was the LAPD detective O.J.’s lawyers sought to discredit as a racist?

Who did the defense blame for the murders?

On one trial day the jury staged a protest by doing what?

Who was the O.J. attorney parodied on “Seinfeld”?

The defense closing included a line that became instantly famous. What was it?

O.J. was ordered to pay how much in a wrongful death lawsuit related to the murders?

What is the title of O.J.’s book on the murders?

What prison sentence is O.J. currently serving?


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