ESPN’s Buzzer Beater is coming to an end.

In a 2013 press release, Buzzer Beater was described by ESPN as the “weekly HD college basketball live cut-in and highlights network [that] features numerous top college basketball games during each Wednesday and Saturday of the college basketball season, plus up-to-the-minute commentary from ESPN analysts and experts…”

Well, not anymore.

A rep for the network explained Buzzer Beater will not return as of the 2017-18 season. The decision to get rid of Buzzer Beater comes as part of the Disney-owned company’s move to reorganize some of its resources.

“With more ways than ever to program our networks across all screens, we have decided to shift resources to better position ourselves for the long-term,” the rep stated. “We will leverage the reach and scale we have across our TV and digital platforms to continue to provide more college basketball coverage than any other company.”


The change to Buzzer Beater won’t impact ESPN’s similar college baseball programming, Bases Loaded, and college football’s Goal Line. The rep explained, “They will each return to the network for their respective seasons.”

The end of Buzzer Beater is just the most recent change at ESPN, which has seen several changes to programming in recent months.

In April, the sports broadcasting network laid off about 100 employees, including familiar on-air talent like Ed Werder, Danny Kanell, Len Elmore, Jayson Stark, Trent Dilfer and Brett McMurphy.

ESPN stated at the time the layoffs were part of a bigger strategy that involved placing an increased focused on the ESPN App with a “multi-screen approach around big events.”

The network explained, “On the horizon is more live news video and enhanced video and audio streaming.”

ESPN has also stated it plans to bolster its online presence.

“Our goal continues to be to maximize our unparalleled scale in every medium with storytelling that stands out and makes a difference. We are well-equipped to thrive going forward by embracing these themes.”

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