Captiain Sig Hansen’s chest pains forced the once heart attack survivor to seek medical evaluation on Saint Paul Island, Alaska on Tuesday night’s episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

As the situation become graver, clinic doctors recommended that the captain of the Northwestern take a Medevac plane off the Island in order to get better medical care elsewhere.

The drama began to unfold on last week’s episode of the Discovery Channel show, when Hansen swallowed a “nitro pill” for chest pain and complained of symptoms to his wife over the phone.

Hansen had reason to worry because he’d nearly lost his life due to a heart attack in 2016.

The skipper grew more anxious while fishing during an Arctic storm and on Tuesday’s episode, he had a disagreement with his brother Norm on how to solve the problem of a frozen anchor.

Hansen went ballistic on Norm, but admitted he was wrong when his brother’s solution worked.

The veteran skipper told his other brother, Edgar, “I can’t stress out.”

Pointing to his chest, Hansen told Edgar “it hurts right here.”

Hansen dropped anchor on Saint Paul Island to wait out the storm, adding to an already stressful situation..

Lighting up a cigarette in his wheelhouse, Hansen said, “I don’t know why my side’s burning.”

“I feel that pain right now, on and off again. I don’t know what it is,” he said.

Hansen’s crew man Nick admitted all the guys were constantly worried about his health and added, “We’re watching him. He’s struggling.”

Cameras next showed Hansen driving to a medical clinic on Saint Paul Island talking about how the chest pain on his left hand side needed to be checked.

“It’s got me freaked out,” Hansen told the cameras. “I feel like I’m a mental basket case right now, and that’s not how I should be feeling.”

Back on the dock, Edgar worried about his brother and got a call from a crewman who had news about Hansen’s health: “They don’t want to take any chances. Sig needs to medevac now.”

Edgar bid Hansen goodbye as the medevac plane prepared to fly the captain away for treatment.

“You can’t take any chances after what you went through,” Edgar told him as Hansen climbed on the plane.

Also on the episode, Jake Anderson, who had fired his crewman Dean Gribble last week for insubordination, was planning to drop him off at the next docking point but not before getting a visit from him in the wheelhouse.

Gribble wanted to start working again but Anderson ordered him back to his cabin.

Anderson then had a crisis when his ship the Saga was suddenly moving and the men discovered the anchor wasn’t holding it in place.

The captain erupted in expletives as they’d lost the anchor!

Anderson was forced to spend his whole night in the wheelhouse keeping the boat in place. The next day, he turned to disgraced Gribble to help the less experienced hands hoist up the anchor from the sea floor. 

“It will be fine,” Gribble said, and headed to the deck.

With Gribble’s help, the men got the anchor back and Anderson admitted he had been invaluable.

Anderson told Gribble that he was still going to let him go, even though, “Today you saved us big time.” 

Once they were docked on Saint Paul Island, Gribble trudged away with his bags in the snow. 

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