The unlikely discovery of three headstones by a fisherman on a small Michigan lake has residents trying to figure out how the grave markers got there, and if there are any others lurking below the surface.

The find was made roughly two weeks ago at Briggs Lake, a private lake in Brighton, located in suburban Detroit.

Rob Witherspoon, who lives near the lake, told FOX 2 Detroit a fisherman was seeing what he could catch when he came across the headstones on the lake’s edge.

“When [the fisherman] came by, he knew they were gravestones,” Witherspoon said. “That’s when a can of worms opened up.”

The headstones span several generations, with one reading “Marya Jaroch born 1882, died 1905,” and another “Kasper Pujdowski, 1875 to 1922.”

A third headstone belongs to Edward Galka, who was born in 1918 and died in 1980. The marker says Galka served in the Coast Guard and fought in World War II.

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Witherspoon told FOX 2 he’s never seen the headstones before, but he knew they were clearly not in their intended place. He’s now working to figure out what links the trio of headstones together.

“These need to be on graves,” he said. “That means there are bodies buried somewhere, underneath something.”

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