Clay Travis is just itching for some answers from Delta.

Travis, a lawyer and Fox Sports analyst from Nashville, Tenn., claims his entire family was “banned from travel” on Delta Air Lines after his son discovered to be infected with lice — but Delta tells Fox News the airline was just trying to keep passengers and crew safe.

“To me, [Delta] made an indefensible string of decisions,” Travis tells Fox News of the events that lead to his family’s situation. “Delta needs to do a better job deciding policy.”

Travis originally published an essay about the ordeal on his website, Out Kick the Coverage. In it, he explained that he, his wife and his three kids were traveling home from a family trip to London and Paris on Saturday when his 6-year-old son began scratching his head “halfway over the Atlantic.”


Concerned, Travis’ wife began searching the boy’s head, which alerted several flight attendants to the situation.

Soon afterward, Travis said the crew informed him that his family was to be quarantined on the plane after landing in Minneapolis — and that they would not be allowed to board their connecting flight to Nashville.

Upon landing, the family was made to wait on the plane until two medical workers could check the kids’ temperatures. They eventually left and headed toward customs, with the intention of boarding their connecting flight anyway, but “Nurse Ratched” returned with another official, who pulled his 6-year-old aside to confirm he had lice. (For the record, Travis said his sister’s children were suffering from lice just a few weeks prior, but added that his own kids had been treated with “all of the over-the-counter” lice treatments” before flying to Europe.)

“They insisted on conducting a medical examination of my minor children in the customs area of the airport … and they said that if we didn’t consent we wouldn’t be able to fly to Nashville,” Travis told Fox News. “That in no way can be the official policy of Delta Air Lines.

“And just put yourself in the perspective of a six-year-old kid,” added Travis. “He’s standing there with hundreds of people around, while somebody from Delta is combing through his air.”

A short time later, “Nurse Ratched” and two other Delta officials told Travis that his family was “banned from travel” on Delta until they left the airport, got treated for lice, and returned with a doctor’s note.

Even though Travis couldn’t find any policies that stated they were obligated to do so, the family left the airport in Minneapolis. Travis purchased a few Southwest tickets for him and his youngest child, while his wife stayed behind with their two older children to obtain treatment for lice.

At the conclusion of his essay, titled “Delta Pulled My Family Off Its Planes on Saturday,” Travis demanded answers from Delta, and questioned the airline’s lice policy, examination policy, and requirements for medical clearance.

Travis also told Fox News he doubted that Delta would treat other minor passengers in the same manner.

“What if I had a son or daughter traveling by themselves?” Is Delta not going to allow them to continue their flight, and kick them off the plane?”


A representative for Delta who spoke with Fox News would not comment on the airline’s lice policies, specifically.

“We will always prioritize the health of our customers and employees as safety is our top priority,” added the Delta representative. “We will work directly with the family to resolve the issue.”

Travis, meanwhile, tells Fox News that he hasn’t Delta has not been in contact.

“Other than reaching out to me on Twitter, asking me to provide them my confirmation numbers, they haven’t reached out to me.”

In the meantime, Travis wrote on his website that he’s out “over a thousand dollars in additional travel costs because of Delta’s decision.”

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