Rachel Lindsay visited her final four suitors Eric, Bryan, Peter, and Dean in their hometowns on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette” and had to decide which one of them to let go.

And things got wacky as a family drama involved one of the men.

First, the lawyer met Eric, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, who had stayed a straight arrow while growing up in a tough area. The last black suitor in the competition, he had never brought a girl home to meet his family.

“He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s deep,” Rachel said to Eric’s mom, while he told the cameras she was “the one” for him.

At the end of their home town date, Eric told Rachel, “I really care about you…hopefully you feel the same.”

Rachel said in confessional, “I really like Eric…I’m definitely falling.”

Next, Miami, Florida chiropractor Bryan, who is fluent in Spanish, introduced Rachel to the city’s vibrant Latin culture and they salsa danced at a club.

His relationship with a previous girlfriend had fizzled because she didn’t get along with his mother.

Bryan said the problem wasn’t his mom in that case but “more on the other person.”

Mother Olga told the cameras, “He’s my life, my love, my pride.”

“I know she’s the one,” Bryan told his mother, but Olga seemed skeptical about him falling in love with a girl on a TV show.

Rachel told Olga she loved his confidence.

Olga said, “To give you a warning, you’re marrying the family, too.”

She added, “If he’s happy, I’m happy. If not, I’ll kill you,” making both of them laugh.

Then, Bryan told her flat out, “Rachel, I’m in love with you,” thrilling the bachelorette.

In Peter’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, Rachel was concerned that he wasn’t ready to settle down. She met his friends and two of the men were black and said that Peter treated everybody the same.

Peter privately told the guys the prospect of proposing to Rachel was “terrifying.”

And when Rachel asked Peter’s mother Lynn if he was ready for marriage, she said he might be ready for a commitment, but not a proposal.

That didn’t sit well with Rachel, who wanted a fiancé, not just a boyfriend, out of the show.

The night ended with Peter telling Rachel, “I am very hopeful for the future. I don’t know what else to say. I’m very happy.”

But the cameras soon showed the real story as Peter shrugged, “I’m not there yet.”

Then she met Dean in his hometown of Aspen, Colorado, where he told her he hadn’t seen his eccentric dad in two years.

The relationship had faltered after Dean’s mom passed away when he was 15; Dean said his father had later become a yogi Sikh named Paramrup.

At the house, his yogi dad, sporting a long beard and a purple turban, banged a gong as everybody reclined on the floor; then he served a meal of rice and mung beans.

Dean’s private chat with his dad got uncomfortable fast. Dean confronted him about their past and Paramrup didn’t understand why he was angry.

The older man admitted when Dean’s mom died, he had provided financially but couldn’t express his emotions.

“I personally felt abandoned,” Dean said, while his father admitted he didn’t know how to keep the home fires burning.

As Dean continued to criticize, Paramrup exploded, “You’ve still got one f***ing foot stuck in the past!” and stormed off.

Then he told Rachel, “I wish you blessings…I didn’t realize he had harsh feelings about me, still,” and cut their talk short, too, walking away.

Rachel comforted Dean, who said he was falling in love with her, and she returned the sentiment.

But back her Dallas, Texas, hometown, she had to eliminate one of the guys — and axed Dean at the rose ceremony.

Rachel didn’t think Dean was ready for marriage—and his bitter feud with his father had also clearly created a bad vibe! 

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