A bystander on Sunday jumped in to help a man and his dog as a bobcat attacked them in Arizona — and the violent incident was caught on video. 

The man was walking his German Shepherd in Anthem when the bobcat started lurking behind them, Fox 10 report. Daily Mountain fire officials said the bobcat chased the pair, then attacked the dog as the owner attempted to pull the feline. 

“The German Shepherd was able to protect both itself and its owner from the bobcat when a bystander stopped to aid the man and his dog,” Daisy Mountain Public Information Officer Brent Fenton said.

The bystander was driving in the area when he jumped in to help. The bobcat bit the bystander in the hand and arm before running off to a nearby storm drain.

The feline was captured and killed after it continued to act aggresively. It tested positive for rabies, Arizona Game and Fish officials said. 

The bystander told Fox 10 he suffered a broken thumb and multiple cuts on his arm. He is undergoing treatment for rabies. 

Bobcat attacks are extremely rare, according to Arizona Game and Fish. The felines generally wouldn’t take on a dog like a German Shepherd that’s double its weight. 

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