A former Taco Bell employee in Converse, Texas, got into a heated argument with her former manager when going to pick up her last paycheck — and nearly the entire incident was caught on camera.

The footage, which appears to have been taken by another worker, begins with the former employee — referred to as Margarita — wielding a large tea dispenser, which she appears ready to throw at the man, who claims to be the manager, KSAT reports.

“How old are you, little girl?” Margarita says, taunting the manager. Seconds later, she hurls the contents of the dispenser at the man. The manager quickly reacts by grabbing another tea dispenser himself, and throwing the entire cooler back at Margarita.


Margarita responds by lifting her dispenser and tossing it over her former manager, returning fire as he stands behind the counter, as seein the video below. WARNING: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Margarita’s son then comes into view, and is seen scrolling through his phone as his mother strolls behind the counter. He tries to make a phone call when another worker approaches and implores him to get his mother out of the store.

“Just go get your mother and take her to the car!” the worker tells Margarita’s son.

While behind the counter together, the manager is yelling at the woman’s son, saying, “Your mom’s about to get knocked out.” The young man then follows his mom behind the counter, tells the manager not to “touch my f—in’ mom, b—h,” and tries to get his mother to leave the restaurant.

Margarita refuses to leave, and stays behind to counter to yell at the former manager. The manager, fed up with margarita and her son, takes his shirt off and continues to yell profanities them.

In a subsequent video, the altercation continutes as another employee stands between the fighting duo to inform them that the police have been called and are on the way. WARNING: The following video also contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Margarita is seen wielding a metal spatula, still yelling at her former manager as her son steps to the back of the restaurant.


The manager, who has now been identified as Arturo, continues to yell at Margarita. “Yeah b—-, you’re gonna walk out of here sliced up … you’re gonna walk out of here with a big gash on your face. It ain’t worth it.”

Arturo then yells at the woman recording the fight, telling her to stop recording him and to not put it on social media.

Arturo then turns his taunting toward Margarita’s son — who she claims is only 17 — saying, “Look at you, you’re scared over there. Look at you, you’re scared bro. You’re scared.”

Margarita and her son begin to yell at Arturo again, who then asks Margarita to throw the spatula at him and then says, “I’m going to defend myself.”

Margarita’s son then storms over to the counter and knocks over the cash register before appearing to throw something at the manager and exiting the restaurant.

In a third video, the person recording the situation notices the police arrive and walks to the door to meet them. The police enter the Taco Bell and handcuff Margarita as she pleads her case, saying, “I didn’t do anything. It was him.” WARNING: The following video contains further explicit language.

The second officer is instructing Arturo to calm down and put his shirt back on.

Arturo is heard saying explaining to the police that Margarita had been fired, and was only coming in to pick up a paycheck. The camera then pans to the parking lot, where Margarita’s son was being placed in handcuffs by police.


An employee at that Taco Bell location could not confirm to KSAT when the incident originally took place, or if any of the parties were still employed at the franchise.

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