Pirro: De Blasio More Interested in Int’l ‘Street Cred’ Than Leading NYC

CNN’s response to President Trump’s tweet last Sunday of a GIF showing him tackling a fake CNN reminded Greg Gutfeld of a “sad spinster who can’t take a joke.”

“Once again CNN fell for fake news,” Gutfeld said on his show on Saturday.

The network “didn’t just step in it. They jumped head first into a sewage treatment plant and did the breaststroke.”

CNN slammed the president’s tweet and went after the Reddit user who created the meme, saying they would not reveal his identity if he did not do it again.

The meme creator has since apologized on Reddit saying he does not advocate violence against journalists.

CNN said they reserve the right to expose his identity, but are not doing so “because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media.”

“When a giant corporation threatens to expose a nobody in order to silence him … it’s like swatting a fly with a nuke,” Gutfeld said.

The host remarked that conservatives and liberals have switched places over the years.

“Conservatives were always painted as humorless. We were the shrill, tight-ass scolds,” Gutfeld said. “But now we’ve changed, and so has the Left.”

“By embracing identity politics and victimhood they became the tattletales and we became by default the troublemakers,” he said.

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