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A United States Marine Corps veteran who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder said his employer won’t let him come to work with his service dog.

Yauncey Long said Cincinnati Bell, a Midwest telecom company, refused to let him work in the company of his service dog, C4.

Long said he’s gotten pushback from the company, including “unsatisfactory” responses from management, after he applied for reasonable accommodations.

He said he was sent home every day for a week without pay after he came to work with C4.

Long said the company treated C4 “as if it was an option” rather than an accommodation for a wounded Purple Heart recipient.

“The dog is really really helping with my symptoms,” he said, adding that C4’s presence allowed him to go grocery shopping independently for the first time since his deployment.

Long said he wrote to the CEO of Cincinnati Bell, listed as Leigh Fox, about his predicament. 

Fox told him to go back to speak with human resources again.

Cincinnati Bell responded to Long’s case in a statement to Fox News, writing that they have not yet received information about Long’s PTSD or its “effect on the ability to perform his job.”

Long said he’s filed every possible form of necessary documentation to prove his condition and his need for C4 to be at his side.

“It’s just a stonewall, Pete,” he told Pete Hegseth.

Watch the clip above.

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