‘You’re Getting Played’: GOP Rep Takes on CNN Host Over Trump Tweets

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CNN commentator Ana Navarro railed against a White House official’s defense of President Trump’s controversial WWE tweet. 

Earlier on Sunday morning, Trump caused a firestorm by sharing a video clip from a past Wrestlemania at which he attacked WWE boss Vince McMahon.

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The video’s creator placed a CNN graphic over the face of McMahon, conveying the message of the president attacking CNN. 

Navarro said Trump’s tweet is nothing less than an incitement to violence against members of the media.

“He is going to get somebody killed in the media. Maybe that will stop him,” she declared on ABC’s “This Week.”

Earlier on that program, Martha Raddatz asked Trump’s homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert about the video.

“That seems like a threat,” said Raddatz. 

Bossert disagreed, adding that the president is always “beaten up” on cable news shows and has a right to respond. 

Navarro fired back in a subsequent roundtable discussion, calling Bossert’s response disappointing “beyond belief.”

“What a wuss. What a wuss. You can see that he is ceding his principles,” she said. 

Watch the clip above and some reaction from “Outnumbered.”

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