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Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson is best known as Lily Finnerty on the hit sitcome “Grounded for Life.” She also appeared in several TV shows as a teen including “The Amanda Show,” “That ’70s Show” and “Party of Five.” Her last role was as a bartender in the 2015 movie “Bad Roomies.” Click here for more child star news on




JoJo got her start on “America’s Most Talented Kids” in 2003 when she was just 13-years-old. Shortly after competing on the show, she released her debut single “Leave (Get Out) which reached number one on the Billboard Pop songs chart. She dabbled in acting, appearing in TV shows and movies, and released a second record in 2006. She relaunched her career in 2016 by releasing her album “Mad Love” and she also showed off her more-adult look. Click here for another child star turned-sexy on



James and Oliver Phelps

The Weasley twins from “Harry Potter” look almost unrecognizable today. The actors famously dyed their hair red for their roles in J.K. Rowling’s film franchise. The now 30-year-old twins are still acting in fantasy flicks. 

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Hallie Eisenberg

The little girl from the Pepsi commercials is all grown up! Hallie Eisenberg — her brother is actor Jesse Eisenberg — continued her acting career, appearing in movies such as “Bicentennial Man” and “The Miracle Worker.” But she took a break in 2010 to go to college. She is currently dating “Voice” contestant Owen Danoff (pictured left). Click here for more celebrity pics on



Kimberly J Brown

Kimberly J. Brown is best known for her leading role in the 1998 film “Halloweentown.” The actress, then 14, portrayed Marnie Piper in the Disney Channel Original Movie. She went on to play that role for the next two installments in the series only to be replaced by Sara Paxton for the fourth and final “Halloweentown” movie. Brown has had very few acting roles since her teenage days. According to her website, the now 31-year-old released a children’s book in August 2016 called “Poppins Pumpkin Patch Parade.” Click here for more celebrity news on



Beverley Mitchell

Beverley Mitchell is best known for her role as Lucy Camden on the hit family drama “7th Heaven.” However, the former child star had many TV and movie roles before joining the TV show. She has since appeared in shows like “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and had a brief country music career. Mitchell married her long-time boyfriend, accountant Michael Cameron in 2008. They have two children. Her most recent acting role was in 2015’s “A Gift Wrapped Christmas.” Click here for more pictures of Mitchell on



Madison De La Garza

Demi Lovato’s little sister isn’t so little anymore! Madison De La Garza, Lovato’s half sister, had her breakout role on the ABC hit drama “Desperate Housewives” when she was just 7-years-old. Although she’s still a child star, De La Garza sure looks all grown up at the age of 13.



Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore looks a lot different from when he played Charlie in Johnny Depp’s “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.” The British actor is all grown up and currently stars in A&E’s “Bates Motel.”

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster barely looks a day older than when he starred opposite Liam Neeson in “Love Actually.” 13 years later, the actor has had roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Maze Runner.”



Bug Hall

Little Alfalfa (center) is all grown up! Bug Hall, the actor who played the lovable character in the 2004 “Little Rascals” film went on to appear in 1995’s “The Big Green,” 1997’s “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves,” and 1998’s “Safety Patrol. As ad adult, Hall had small acting stints on “CSI,” “Cold Case,” and “The O.C.” He recently played the Ice Cream Man in 2014’s “The Little Rascals Save the Day.” Click here for more celebrity news from



Bonnie Wright

Ginny Weasley is all grown up! The former “Harry Potter” star has since gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree, launch a modeling career and continue acting since the film series ended. She was engaged to “Twilight” star Jamie Campbell Bower and is currently dating nightclub boss Simon Hammerstein who is 13 years older than her.



Daveigh Chase

Chase scared the entire country when she portrayed Samara in “The Ring.” The actress has come a long way from her villain days and has ditched her long, brown tresses from the horror film for blonder locks (left). Chase, now 24, also voiced the role of Lilo in “Lilo & Stitch” and had a reoccurring role on HBO’s “Big Love.” She also has a number of upcoming film roles listed on IMDB.



Drew Barrymore

Hollywood royalty Barrymore hit the big screen as a tiny tot, stealing our hearts in “E.T.” Though she had a wild child phase (complete with teenage rehab stint), the actress rallied and came back stronger than ever. These days, Barrymore is still starring in hits and directing them as well. She made her directorial debut with “Whip It” in 2009. Barrymore has two daughters, Olive and Frankie, with ex-husband Will Kopelman.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gordon-Levitt played quirky Tommy on the hit 90s series “3rd Rock from the Sun,” and then moved on to teen movies like “10 Things I Hate About You.” In recent years, the actor has built up a solid career, with dark indie flicks like “Brick” and rom coms like “(500) Days of Summer.” He starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010’s “Inception” and made his directorial debut in 2013’s “Don Jon” which he also wrote and starred in.



Melissa Joan Hart

Once a Nickelodeon kiddie favorite, Melissa moved from her hit “Clarissa Explains It All” to yet another successful series, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” After slowing things down a bit to start a family (three little boys and a husband), Melissa came back to the biz, competing in “Dancing with the Stars” and kicked off her current ABC Family sitcom, “Melissa & Joey:” in 2010. She released an autobiography in the fall of 2013 entitled “Melissa Explains it All.”



Danny Bonaduce

With the outrageous antics, it’s hard to believe he’s the freckle-faced kid from “The Partridge family” in the ’70s. Between the drugs, the arrests, and the general drama, Bonaduce is the greatest child-star cautionary tale. After the show, Danny struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol and even became homeless at one point. He cleaned up his act in the ’80s, becoming a successful radio personality. Then in 2005 he starred in his own train wreck of a reality show, “Breaking Bonaduce” and in 2007 he was the host and judge of the VH1 series “I Know My Kid’s a Star.” Today, Danny makes personal appearances on TV and radio, and often gets in the ring for celebrity bouts with other stars past their prime. He is married to Amy Railsback. He has two children from a previous marriage.

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Sara Gilbert

The former “Roseanne” star stole our hearts as sassy daughter Darlene. As an adult, she returned to the small screen, appearing on “The Big Bang Theory” with Johnny Galecki — who played her boyfriend (and later husband) on “Roseanne.” Gilbert appeared on a few shows in 2010 and is a co-host and creator of the daytime talk show “The Talk.” The star has two young children with her ex-partner TV producer Allison Adler. She is married to former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman Linda Perry and they have one son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.



Leonardo DiCaprio

Before he was king of the world in “Titanic,” Leo was Luke on “Growing Pains” and starred in movies like “This Boy’s Life.” DiCaprio churns out hit flicks continuously. From “J. Edgar” to “Inception” and more recently “The Revenant,” DiCaprio receives high praise for his films.



Neil Patrick Harris

Doogie! Everyone was relieved when the fictional child doctor grew up unscathed. After years leading a normal life, Harris came back into the public eye parodying himself in 2004 comedy “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.” The actor then took on the role of Barney on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” and scored a series of hosting gigs (Tonys, Emmys, etc). He’s also been active on Broadway, starring in shows like “Cabaret,”and directing a production of “Rent.” NPH won an Emmy for his guest-starring role in “Glee.” Harris and his partner David Burtka share twins Harper and Gideon.



Christina Ricci

Ricci was a huge child star in the ’90s, appearing in movies like “Mermaids,” “The Addams Family,” “Now and Then,” and “Casper.” The actress transitioned into more adult roles with “The Ice Storm,” then went on to star in flicks like “The Opposite of Sex,” “Pumpkin,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Black Snake Moan” and “Speed Racer.” Ricci married James Heerdegen in 2013.



Fred Savage

After playing Kevin Arnold on “The Wonder Years,” Savage (whose brother Ben was also a child star) stepped behind the camera. Over the years he has directed and produced TV episodes of “Hannah Montana,” “Phil of the Future,” “Ugly Betty,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Savage graduated from Stanford University with an English degree, and has three children with his wife Jennifer Stone Savage.



Jodie Foster

The poster girl for successful former child actors, Jodie has maintained her composure, from “Taxi Driver” to “The Accused.” Some of her other movies include “Silence of the Lambs,” “Little Man Tate,” “Maverick,” “Nell,” and “Panic Room.” The actress, who has two children with ex-partner Cydney Bernard, graduated with honors from Yale and speaks fluent French. She has won numerous awards, including two Oscars, two Golden Globes, and three Bafta awards. She is married to Alexandra Hedison.

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Joey Lawrence

Whoa! Joey was a cute kid on “Gimme a Break!” and a hunky teen on “Blossom,” but faded away for a bit. He’s made a comeback in recent years, appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” and TV movies like “My Fake Fiance.” Lawrence is married with two daughters and most recently starred on “Melissa & Joey” on ABC Family.



Elijah Woods

Elijah ruled the ’90s as a wide-eyed brunette, appearing in movies like “Avalon,” “Forever Young,” and “The Good Son.” Ang Lee’s 1997 film “The Ice Storm” moved the actor into adult territory, and Elijah appeared in movies including “Deep Impact” and “The Faculty.” Today, he is best known for playing Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but has since appeared in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Sin City,” “Everything is Illuminated,” and “Bobby.” In 2005, Woods started his own record label, Simian Records. He recently starred in the dark comedy “Wilfred.”



Mayim Bialik

Mayim is famous for her starring role in ’90s sitcom “Blossom.” Since the show, the actress had two kids and got her Ph.D. in neuroscience. Dang! She ventured back to Hollywood, having appeared on shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and currently stars as Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory.” She fits right in with those smarty pants! She has two sons with ex-husband Michael Stone.



Mark Paul Gosselaar

Though he’ll be forever known as Zack Morris, Gosselaar has found success as an adult in Hollywood. The former “Saved by the Bell” star has appeared in TV shows like “NYPD Blue” and “Raising the Bar,” and in recent years has starred in “Franklin and Bash.” Mark-Paul is married to advertising executive Catriona McGinn with whom he has two children. He also has two children with his first wife, model Lisa Ann Russell.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP got her start as Patty on sitcom “Square Pegs” (at left) — a far cry from chic Carrie of “Sex and the City”! She’s had plenty of success since her “Footloose” days. Parker has since starred in “Sex and the City,” (and its sequel), “Failure to Launch,” “Hocus Pocus,” and “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” Married to Matthew Broderick, the couple have three children.



Macaulay Culkin

The “Home Alone” star seemed like he had a bright future ahead of him in 1990 and starred in the sequel two years later. But his career went stale by the mid-90s. He has had some guest appearances on shows over the years, but nothing to write home about. At age 18, he married fellow actor Rachel Minor. The couple divorced four years later and Culkin dated actress Mila Kunis from 2002–2010. Click here fore more pictures of the star on

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Ron Howard

Little Ronny Howard made his acting debut in “The Music Man” and then played adorable Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show.” He then appeared in the 1973 film “American Graffiti,’ and scored another hit television role: that of “Happy Days”’ Richie Cunningham. After retiring from acting, Howard turned his attention to directing, helming films such as “Splash,” “Willow,” “Apollo 13” (which won two Oscars), “A Beautiful Mind” (for which he won an Oscar for Best Director) and 2008’s “Front/Nixon.” Howard told “Vanity Fair” magazine his greatest achievement is “Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life.” The director resides in Connecticut with his wife of more than 3 decades, with whom he has four children and one grandchild. Daughters Bryce and Paige are actors. He has many movies lined up, including the anticipated big-screen version of “Arrested Development.”



Danica McKellar

Winnie Cooper was America’s sweetheart on “The Wonder Years,” and she grew up to be appropriately wholesome, yet sexy. McKellar has turned her attention to studying math, and has released best-selling books geared toward young girls (“Kiss my Math,” “Math Doesn’t Suck,” “Hot X: Algebra Exposed”). Conversely, she did a lingerie pictorial for “Stuff” magazine in 2005. Danica does the occasional acting gig, though she admits that the transition from “child actor to adult actor was a little bumpy.” She’s had a guest roles on “The West Wing,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” The former child has a kid of her own now and is married to her second husband Scott Sveslosky.



Molly Ringwald

A teen queen in the ’80s, Molly stole hearts in John Hughes classics like “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty in Pink.” After waiting out young adulthood in France, Ringwald made a come back when she starred in ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Molly is married with three little ones. Her book, “Getting the Pretty Back,” was released in 2010.



Michael J. Fox

Michael P. Keaton went on to star in “Back to the Future” trilogy and “Teen Wolf,” and rode his fame wave into adulthood. As a grown-up, the former “Family Ties” actor starred in ABC’s “Spin City,” winning an Emmy and three Golden Globes for his role. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991, the actor has since been a research advocate. He has released three books (including this year’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned”). The actor voiced Stuart Little in the animated mouse movie franchise, and has made occasional guest appearances on shows such as “Scrubs” and “Boston Legal.” His sitcom, “The Michael J. Fox” show was canceled. Married to Tracy Pollan since 1988, the couple have four children.



Alyssa Milano

The former “Who’s the Boss?” child star took a sexy detour (remember “Poison Ivy II”?), but turned things around, landing a regular gig on “Melrose Place” and then the hit WB series “Charmed.” In recent years, Alyssa wrote a book about baseball and completed a guest role on “My Name is Earl.” The actress starred in the short-lived sitcom “Romantically Challenged” and formerly starred on ABC’s “Mistresses.” She is married to Dave Bugliari and they have two children.



Natalie Portman

Portman was 12 when she landed a role in 1994’s “The Professional,” launching her career.  Though she took a break to study at Harvard, smarty-pants Natalie came back bigger than ever. Some of her hits include “Beautiful Girls,” “Where the Heart Is,” “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones,” “Garden State,” “Closer,” “The Other Boleyn Girl,” “Brothers” and “Black Swan.” She married Benjamin Millepied in 2012 and they have one son, Aleph.



Anna Paquin

Anna won an Oscar at the tender age of 11 for her work in “The Piano.” Almost half a decade later, she came back with movies like “She’s All That” and the X-Men franchise. Her HBO series “True Blood” earned Paquin acclaim; she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 2008. Anna is currently married her “True Blood” co-star, Stephen Moyer. The couple welcomed twins in 2012.



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