A chilling new ISIS execution video shows brainwashed children as young as 8 being forced to shoot prisoners in the head.

Footage shows the two boys, both dressed in black and armed with handguns, standing behind two captives in Afghanistan.

The pair aggressively pull back the heads of the captives who they brand as “spies” before the younger of the two starts ranting at the camera.


They then point their guns at the back of their prisoner’s heads and carry out the killing.

Children who are brainwashed with ISIS ideologies and trained to fight and kill for the group are known as “cubs of the caliphate”.

This is not the first time children have appeared on ISIS video’s carrying out executions.

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In January shocking footage was released by the terror group which showed child recruits beheading and shooting three men.

The young children, who look to be at toddler age and around 10 years old, are filmed wearing camouflage army style uniforms while brutally killing their victims in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

One extremely young boy is filmed shakily clutching a gun and shooting a man in the head, as another brandishes a large knife before savagely cutting a man’s throat.

The story first appeared in The Sun.

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