A judge has ordered the body of surrealist master Salvador Dalí to be exhumed to obtain samples for a paternity suit, according to reports Monday.

The BBC reported that a Spanish woman, Pilar Abel, claims Dalí is her father after he had an affair with a maid in 1955. A judge ordered the body exhumed because there were no alternative ways — either biological remains or personal objects of the artist — to gather a sample to be used in a DNA test.

Abel, then 58, claimed in 2015 that her mother and Dalí met during the 1950s when her mother worked for a family that spent summers in Cadaqués, Spain, where the late artist once owned a home before he died in 1989. The couple “had a friendship that developed into clandestine love,” according to documents filed by Abel at a Madrid court.


Dalí was later buried in Figueres.

Abel, who was born in 1956, took a DNA test in 2007 after her mother’s repeated assertions that she was Dalí’s daughter, using hair and skin remnants she obtained from a “death mask” of the painter. But the results were inconclusive, The Guardian reports.

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