The life of a Utah man who ran a recording studio at his home before he was killed in a high-profile London attack will be celebrated Saturday with the local music he loved.

The concert is being held in lieu of a traditional funeral for Kurt W. Cochran, 54.

Members of Cochran’s family, including his son, are among the musicians slated to play at the show in a park in Bountiful, north of Salt Lake City, his brother-in-law Clint Payne said.


Cochran was thrown from London’s Westminster Bridge when he and his wife were struck by a sport utility vehicle that plowed into a group of pedestrians March 22.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack that killed four people and injured scores more, including Cochran’s wife, Melissa.

She suffered a broken leg, broken rib and cuts and bruises in the attack that happened on the last day of a European trip celebrating the West Bountiful couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. The two were visiting Melissa Cochran’s parents, who were serving a church mission in London.

The couple described as inseparable ran a recording studio in their basement where Kurt Cochran helped young bands get started by charging them only a small fee to use the studio.

The London attack came exactly one year after four Mormon missionaries — three from Utah — were seriously injured in a Brussels airport bombing on March 22, 2016.

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