Rocker Ted Nugent said he plans to tone down commentary during his shows that some observers may see as violent.

He said his widely-referenced riff telling his political opponents to “suck on my machine gun” was a metaphor for those opposed to Second Amendment rights.

“I have never projected hate,” he said. “That was a metaphor… but the left is so dishonest that they misrepresented that.”

“The Motor City Madman” apologized for any “Detroit street slang” that may have come across as threatening in the past, saying America must unite against violence.

“I’m saying we must all unite to bring no violence, no harm to any of our fellow Americans.”

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He said he will even join ideological opponent Bill Maher in a show of solidarity on his HBO program.

For his upcoming shows, Nugent said his intensity will “not back down one spit.”

But, he said he would be more careful as to what imagery he uses in his comments.

As reported, Nugent is considering making a run in against Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) in 2018.

“[Put] America first, make America great again, job security, secure the border. You know, it’s so simple even guitar players can figure it out,” he said.

Watch the clip above from Fox & Friends and watch Nugent’s comments on 2018 and other topics below.

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