In his commentary tonight, Lou Dobbs went after the left for trying to “subvert” President Donald Trump and his administration following the testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey.

Dobbs saluted Trump for firing back at a press conference today, during which Trump slammed Comey and pointed out that there’s no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia, or obstruction of justice.

He said that Democrats on Capitol Hill have been relentlessly pushing the Russia collusion story because they’re hung up on playing “petty politics.”

“No crime, no evidence of a crime,” Dobbs said. “Months of wasted time, wasted money and only further disillusionment with the Congress and Senate that are held in contempt by most Americans.”

He said that we learned in Comey’s testimony on Thursday that the former FBI director lied, leaked and manipulated the probe to get the appointment of a special counsel.

Dobbs added that it’s noteworthy that Comey’s old friend and colleague Robert Mueller was installed as special counsel.

He called for Mueller to resign because of his “obvious conflict of interest” with Comey.

“The country deserves better than the vile, venomous left, the deep state, and their unrelenting attacks on the president, their subversion of our lawful government,” Dobbs said. “It’s time to demand the corrupt and toxic Dems and the left begin working for our people, working for our country.”

Watch Dobbs’ commentary above.

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