A New York school custodian convicted last month of raping a minor more than a year ago was allowed to continue working his job after police failed to tip off district officials about the crime, a superintendent wrote in a letter to concerned parents and faculty.

Samuel Campbell, a Brookside Elementary School janitor who has worked in the district since 1998, was convicted on May 1 of numerous charges, including third-degree rape of a victim under 17 and endangering the welfare of a child, stemming from an incident last April, The Journal News reported.

Superintendent Raymond Sanchez wrote in a letter this week to parents and staff that law enforcement agencies in Poughkeepsie — where Campbell was taken into custody — didn’t tip off the district about the ongoing arrest and conviction.


“Had we been notified of his arrest, Mr. Campbell’s employment would have been suspended until the legal process was completed,” Sanchez wrote, adding that “he would have been directed to stay away from visiting Brookside or any other school in the district.”

Town of Poughkeepsie Police Chief Ken Roman told Fox News that his agency handled the arrest and is looking into the matter, but would not comment further.

“Mr. Campbell never told the district that he had been arrested, charged, and tried,” Sanchez said in the letter. “Additionally, Mr. Campbell’s employment with the district predated fingerprinting laws and therefore the district never received notification of his initial arrest. Throughout the period from April 2016 to his conviction on May 1, 2017, he missed no significant time at work.”

Campbell is set to be sentenced Friday.

FoxNews.com’s Greg Norman contributed to this report.

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