Grapefruit-sized hail pounded Adrian, Missouri Saturday afternoon. The storm hammered homes and cars and left a trail of damage.

FOX 4 found some folks who actually saved the hail in their freezer. They say it was terrifying when it started falling from the sky, and everyone described the experience the same way.

“I could just hear it coming down, it started sounding like bombs heading in the corners of the house,” Jacque Underwood said.

“Sounded like they were bombs going off,” Randy Reed said.

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“It was just sounding like bombs are going off,” Tina Reed said.

When people in Adrian looked outside this afternoon, they saw hail the size of baseballs and grapefruit pounding their homes, cars and yards. The hail left behind holes in the ground, that went inches into the dirt.

” It’s bigger than I’ve ever seen. My dad pick some up to, he said it’s bigger than he’s ever seen in his lifetime and he’s 70 years old,” Underwood said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Reed said

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