In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said federal authorities must identify the “traitorous” leaker inside the Trump White House.

Pirro said that the yet-unknown person giving secretive information to the press is “an enemy of the United States.”

She said the leaker is doing “enormous damage” to both President Trump and the country.

“There is a leaker in the White House. There is a traitor in the people’s house – a traitor who must be taken out,” Pirro said.

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She said she may know about the identity of the person who leaked information to the Washington Post, New York Times and other news outlets .

“I have my own ideas, but I’m not ready to share them. Yet,” she said.

Pirro said the leaks have overshadowed what should have been very positive press coverage of Trump’s successful overseas trip.

She applauded him for working toward peace between Israel and the Palestinians as well as being able to gather 50 Muslim nations in a room in Riyadh to talk counterterrorism.

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