Former Presidents Bush and Obama owe a personal apology to the family of a California boy gravely injured by an illegal alien. They should also pay for the child’s medical bills.

I’ll explain why in just a few minutes. But first, here’s the back story:

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On May 6, the Lake family was returning to their home in San Ysidro after a day trip to Disneyland.

They were just about a block from home when a truck driven by an illegal alien broadsided their car. Benjamin Lake and his wife suffered minor injuries. Their six-year-old son was severely injured.

Lennox spent 18 days in the hospital – recovering from deep skull fractures, a broken nose and other injuries. The little boy faces a long and arduous recovery.

Constantino Banda-Acosta, the driver of the truck, has been charged with violating federal immigration laws. He’s also facing a number of charges in connection with the crash.

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But here’s the kick the pants: The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Banda-Acosta had either been deported or allowed to voluntarily return to Mexico 17 times over the past 14 years.

And not once was he charged with violating federal immigration law.

So let’s get right to the point:

An American child was nearly killed on American soil by an illegal alien – and I blame the Bush and the Obama administrations.

Banda-Acosta was able to come and go as he pleased because Republicans and Democrats turned a blind eye to our immigration laws. They refused to secure the border and that decision nearly cost Lennox his life.

How many more Americans have to suffer at the hands of the foreign invaders?

Immigration attorney Andrew Nietor told the newspaper it was unfair to politicize the Lake family’s accident.

“I think this is the sort of case the Trump administration tries to politicize and tries to portray as typical, but it’s not typical,” Nietor said. “One of the reasons this case is noteworthy is because of the extreme circumstances.”

Unfortunately, it’s become quite typical for American blood to be shed on American soil at the hands of illegals. Remember Kate Steinle? What about Joshua Wilkerson, Jamiel Shaw Jr. and David Kriehn?

“Every study shows that the non-citizen population, including the undocumented, is more law-abiding than the U.S. citizen population,” Nietor said.

First of all, there is no such thing as a “non-citizen population.” They are called illegal immigrants. Second of all, that argument is a load of bull.

Every single person living in our nation illegally is a criminal. They’re called illegal immigrants because they are breaking the law.

And that brings me back to Presidents Bush and Obama.

Had they only done their job and secured the border, Lennox would not have spent 18 days in the hospital.

But their administrations failed the Lake family of San Ysidro, California. They failed to defend American sovereignty. They failed to secure the border. And as a result foreign enemies were allowed to set foot on American soil.

Fortunately, President Trump is in the process of making sure that never happens again.

As for Bush and Obama – they need to make things right with the Lake family. I suspect they are facing a mountain of medical bills – not to mention a long road to recovery.

So I am calling on both former presidents to pay for Lennox Lake’s medical bills. It’s the only good and honorable thing to do.

After all, their political expedience and capitulation nearly got an American boy killed.

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