A U.S. Border Patrol agent died at an El Paso hospital Wednesday after he was stabbed multiple times outside a local bar, authorities say. 

According to investigators, Agent Isaac Morales, 30, was leaving the bar with his wife early Saturday when they were confronted by Hisaias Justo Lopez, 39.

An affidavit claims that Lopez approached the couple and displayed a knife. They initially ignored him, but Lopez struck Morales’ wife as the couple reached their car. At that point, investigators say, Morales identified himself as a Border Patrol Agent and tried to apprehend Lopez. 

Lopez fled the scene and was chased by Morales, his friend and other witnesses. 

“While being chased,” the affidavit says, “[Lopez] turned and stabbed [Morales] in the face.” Other witnesses apprehended Lopez a block away from the scene. 

Lopez was initially booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on a charge of attempted murder. That charge was upgraded to murder after Morales’ death. He was being held in lieu of $500,000 bond. 

“We’re really sorry because they’ve always been good people to us,” family friend Daniel Morales told KFOX14. “It really is a very big loss. My heart shrivels up because I knew him since he was a kid. It’s a very unpleasant surprise. It feels ugly.”

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