Following Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte’s alleged assault of a reporter, some in the mainstream media are trying to blame the incident on President Trump.

CNN host Don Lemon argued that Trump has culpability because he’s said “very horrible things” about reporters and suggested that they are the enemy of the American people.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that Trump has helped whip up “hostility” toward the press, while Joe Scarborough said a “straight line” can be drawn between Trump’s anti-media rhetoric and the Gianforte incident.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Dana Loesch said the agenda-driven media is focused on negatively portraying Trump, while they’re largely giving Democrats a pass.

“Let’s discuss Tom Perez and his cussing crusade that he’s been giving at so many different fundraisers. Let’s talk for a moment about the California Democrat convention … where you had a number of Democrats on stage screaming ‘expletive Trump’ and ‘expletive Republicans.'”

She said Democrats and the mainstream media then want to turn around and accuse Trump and those on the right of fomenting violence.

Loesch said that everyday Americans see this double-standard, and they are tired of it.

“We’re tired of being lied about, we’re tired of being manipulated, and we’re tired of them excusing awful things done to us in the name of partisan ideology,” Loesch said. “This is the point we are at because people hate media this badly.”

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