Twelve jurors have been chosen in the Pennsylvania sex assault case against Bill Cosby.

The 12th juror is a white female in her 40s and among the group are two African Americans. The jury makeup is 17 percent black, higher than the 13 percent black population in Allegheny County.

Cosby arrived in court just before 8 a.m. for the third day of jury selection at the Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh Wednesday.

The 79-year-old is accused of drugging and molesting a Temple University employee in 2004. Cosby has called the encounter consensual.

Angela Agrusa, a lawyer for the disgraced comedian, spoke to the media — with Cosby at her side — upon her arrival, thanking the people of Allegheny County for showing up for their civil duty. Cosby did not speak.

While lawyers have selected 12 jurors and three alternates, three more are needed. Jury selection began Monday.

The new selection of about 93 people appears to include eight black women and three black men. The 48-question juror survey asks if the potential jurors have an opinion about Cosby’s guilt, but not if they were fans of his comedy routines, top-ranked TV shows or family values speeches.

The defense is crying foul after only one black person was seated. However, prosecutors insist race was not a factor in their decision to strike two black women from the panel this week.

Judge Steven O’Neill rejected the race bias argument, but said he would revisit the issue if the defense offered statistical evidence of any discrimination.

Cosby goes on trial June 5 in suburban Philadelphia. The jury from Pittsburgh will be sequestered nearly 300 miles from home.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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