Rachel Lindsay, the first black woman to star on “The Bachelorette,” began her historic run on the Monday night premiere. And the men who competed for her heart also made up the most diverse cast in the years that ABC’s “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” franchise has been on the air.

From the get go, attorney Rachel seemed to favor Bryan, a sexy Columbian-American man, after he spoke Spanish to her – and then boldly starting kissing her right after the first “greet”!  

As fans know, Nick Viall didn’t choose Rachel on last season’s “The Bachelor,” (she finished third), leading her to get the big chance to find the love of her life on “The Bachelorette.”

On Monday’s show, fans saw the traditional parade of guys climbing out of limos to meet Rachel, 31, on their first night at the mansion.

Civil litigation attorney Rachel gushed, “It’s raining men,” and those included pro wrestler Kenny, who admitted to a softer side with his ten-year-old daughter; computer nerd and workout buff Alex; Bollywood fan Mohit; personal trainer Blake, who bragged about his “sex-driven relationships”; Matt, who dressed as a penguin to get attention; Adam and his dummy doll, “Little Adam”; and Lucas, who kept screaming his catch phrase “Waboom!” throughout the night.

Viewers learned that Josiah, who like, Rachel, is African-American and an attorney, had a hard life that he managed to turn around — and was determined to win her hand.

Josiah told the cameras that his brother Sam was bullied for being overweight “and hung himself in the back yard. I cut my brother down from a tree when I was 7 years old.”

After that, Josiah said, “I started committing crimes.” He was arrested for burglary when he was 12 but, as he later explained to Rachel, he was put in a diversion program and grew up to become a successful prosecutor.

“I want to find love. I’m coming to L.A. to make her my wife,” Josiah said.

One of the competitors in the group, which included 11 black men and others of color, noted, “This is the most diverse [cast] of all time.”

And Rachel was immediately smitten by a chiropractor named Bryan, who told her he was originally from Columbia and sexily spoke to her in Spanish.

Bryan, 37, told Rachel, “I’m good with my hands,” but also insisted he wasn’t just physical, saying, “I’m here for something serious.”

The chiropractor also surprised Rachel by drawing her into a full-on makeout session!

“I was not ready for it,” she said, not expecting to kiss anyone on the first night. But she obviously liked it, giving Bryan the crucial “first impression” rose later in the evening.

Rachel told Bryan she liked that he was direct and “sealed it with a kiss.” Watching from behind a window, Mohit yelled, “No! Keep your mouth away!”

Meanwhile, the other guys were bugged by Lucas, who appeared to get tipsy and more obnoxious in yelling “Whaboom!” a situation nobody understood. Still, Rachel kept him on board when she handed out the roses, to the others’ shock.

Blake said everyone except Lucas was cool. “He’s not here to find love. He’s here just to be on TV.”

At episode’s end, Rachel sent a bunch of guys packing, including a U.S. Marine who commented that rejection was no fun.

Another man, named Milton, dissolved in tears after he got his walking papers saying, “I’m disappointed…I had a bunch of outfits I wanted to show off.” 

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