While President Obama has not said much publicly about his successor, two friends of the former president say he was disappointed after an Election Night phone call with President Trump, remarking he’s “nothing but a bull**ter.”

People Magazine first reported Obama’s remark after speaking with the two friends.

The friends said Obama was incredulous about Trump’s public claim that he “respected” the former president despite repeatedly criticizing him on the campaign trail.

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“He’s nothing but a bulls**ter,” Obama said after talking to the president-elect, adding that he and Michelle Obama’s opinion of Trump “hasn’t gotten any better” since Election Day.

Another friend of Obama’s told the magazine that the former president is pleased to see public engagement against things Trump has said and done.

David Axelrod, a former top White House aide, said Obama is continuing to respect the role of a former president by not speaking out at every new development.

Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush, stayed silent for nearly Obama’s entire term despite obvious political differences.

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