A Georgia mother is seeking answers after her middle school son was allegedly choked by another student while a substitute teacher snoozed during class – a nap that was caught on camera and posted to social media.

According to WRDW-TV, Mikiline Lester, a sixth-grader, was in his math class at Hephzibah Middle School in Richmond County when he claims that a classmate grabbed him by the throat. Mikiline fought back, an action that got him in trouble.


“They [school officials] said ‘well, he punched another child and struck blood’; because he did that he is going to be sent to tribunal,” Janice Williams, Mikiline’s mother, told the station.

Williams said that Mikiline has breathing problems and also sees a neurologist. She said her son told her that he couldn’t breathe, so he punched the student choking him.

When Williams asked Mikiline where the teacher was during the confrontation, she was told: “Asleep.”

A picture of the sleepy educator was snapped by a student and posted to social media.

Williams said she complained to the school, and was told there is nothing that can be done.

The substitute teacher reportedly will not return to the Hephzibah Middle School, but is still eligible to work in other Richmond County schools.

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