Protesters in Venezuela have reportedly started to throw feces at security forces in a new tactic that has been called “Poopootov,” which is supposed to be a play on the Molotov cocktail.

Reuters reported that some of the hundreds of thousands who have taken to the streets to protest triple-digit inflation and food scarcity have resorted to tossing rocks and petrol bombs. But the new tactic regarding feces is apparently spreading.

“The kids go out with just stones. That’s their weapon. Now they have another weapon: excrement,” a dentist, 51, told the news agency. The dentist was reportedly preparing containers of feces in her home. “One of my patients is collecting excrement from her child.”

At least 38 people have been killed and more than 750 injured in the unrest.

Continued protests in Venezuela’s capital Monday resulted in 60 people being injured, said Ramon Muchacho, a Caracas-area mayor.

Meanwhile, at the presidential palace, government officials met with political and religious leaders to discuss the planned constitutional assembly. Key opposition leaders refused to participate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report 

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