Professional bull rider Bonner Bolton has been impressing “Dancing with the Stars” fans with his smooth moves in the ballroom–and his chiseled movie star look.

Photogenic Bonner has already pursued modeling, and he told Fox News he also wants to get acting roles.

After Monday’s “DWTS,” in which he and partner Sharna Burgess performed a western saloon-themed Paso Doble for “movie night,” Bolton said, “It’s always been my dream to be in a western movie ’cause I grew up a cowboy and I love westerns and I loved watching Clint Eastwood, John Wayne. Shout out to those guys. Those are my heroes.”

Burgess noted to reporters about Bolton, “The sky is the limit and he can do everything. I know he wants to get into acting a little more….Bonner has such an amazing story that I think he should consider writing a book that will one day be a movie.”

In January 2016, Bolton was bucked off a bull and landed on his head. He was paralyzed from the neck down but miraculously recovered. And he’s amazed “DWTS” viewers by thriving on the strenuous show. Bolton and Burgess survived the double elimination show on Monday.

However, Bolton, who turns 30 in June, has explained that bull riders can’t go on forever in the dangerous rodeo sport. So he is considering all career options after “DWTS.”

“There are some big things coming up in the future that people will be excited about, I hope,” he promised. “Good things are happening, offers are being made.”

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