Charles Krauthammer said that it is “reasonable” for President Trump and the Republicans to threaten to drop the “nuclear option” on legislation.

Trump has not threatened the nuclear option to pass bills, like the spending bill about to come up for a vote, but instead said on Twitter he wouldn’t mind a government shutdown to get Congressional gridlock broken up.

Krauthammer said an Autumn shutdown is not a solution because Republicans are always blamed no matter who is in power.

But, he said the nuclear option would allow the party to pass its agenda.

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“The filibuster has been unbelievably abused,” Krauthammer said, adding that it is supposed to be used for radical or unique debates like on Civil Rights legislation.

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“It’s not the way the government was run for 200 years,” he said. “If you control the White House, the House and the Senate and can’t get anything done… 60 votes? Who invented that number?”

Krauthammer said Trump would be “reasonable” to consider asking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to end the filibuster so that his agenda can pass.

“Shutdown is not a strategy,” he said.

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