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Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez continued his Democrat “unity tour”, and continued to use salty language whenever he referred to the president.

Perez took heat, even from some mainstream precincts, for his choice of words in public.

On Saturday, he told an audience in Las Vegas, Nev. that in 2018, Democrats must tell President Trump and the Republicans “hell no.”

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Perez repeated his punchline from previous speeches in Newark, N.J. and Portland, Maine, proclaiming that Trump “doesn’t give a s–t about” people or their health care.

Abby Huntsman criticized Perez for saying at his Vegas speech that his mother told him not to use profanity, and then proceeding to call Trump’s financial agenda a “sh–y budget.”

Huntsman pointed out that a young child was no more than a few feet from Perez’ podium when he began swearing.

On CNN, anchor John King called out Perez’ profanity, saying it disturbed him as a parent and that obscene language doesn’t help anyone win in politics.

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