Tucker Carlson debated billionaire businessman Mark Cuban on the merits of the H1-B visa program targeted by President Trump’s newest executive order.

Carlson said Cuban is a vocal supporter of the work visa program and has said that importing foreign labor makes America stronger.

Cuban, a frequent Trump critic, reiterated that point, saying that companies should seek the most qualified applicant for their job openings no matter their country of origin.

Carlson said the idea makes sense but pointed out that a large majority of foreigners using H-1B’s make less than the median income.

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Cuban said much of that problem stems from “visa hoarding”– companies who flood the visa lottery system with applications in order to drive down wages and take in cheap labor.

He repeatedly voiced his opposition to such activity and also noted he has never used the H1-B program in any of his 150 businesses.

Carlson said America already has a highly-qualified pool of unemployed Americans looking for meaningful work and that foreigners end up competing with those workers.

Watch the full debate above.

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