Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) revealed her favorite curse word in a wide-ranging interview with CBS News.

At the close of the interview, reporter Chip Reid told Warren it was the “James Lipton/Inside the Actor’s Studio” portion of the discussion, and asked her what her favorite oath was.

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“Poop,” Warren responded.

Reid called the term a “goody-two-shoes” curse word, but Warren objected.

“Are you kidding?” she said. “Have you ever seen a woman like me… look you straight in the face and say ‘poop’?”

Warren added that she never used the word on the Senate floor but wouldn’t confirm that she would refrain in the future.

She also disclosed that she used to watch “The Apprentice,” despite the fact it was originally hosted by her main political opponent, President Trump.

She revealed that much of her anti-Wall Street activism comes from the fact her mother worked a minimum wage job at Sears to support her family growing up in Oklahoma.

Warren explained her upbringing is why her opposition to Trump’s policies get her “emotional.”

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